who I am


Hey there, I’m Kirra, a Gold Coast photographer and writer passionate about stories, connection, challenging people to think differently and adventuring anywhere and everywhere. I write about, and take photos of, everything going on in our beautiful beachside city and I absolutely LOVE sharing the stories of people who put their heart and soul into their work. I’m also quite keen on  yoga, the ocean, ALL of the cheese, reading stories and (best of all) my hairy little mate, Jagger.

Before I started writing for a living, I was a kid who needed to express herself with written words. Poetry, essays, journals, secret notes to my friends (and boys I liked because SCARY), I loved how simple it was to put words on a page and have them become something that made people feel good. I was hooked from a young age and here I am, still sharing stories and trying to make people smile, mostly through photography these days.

In general, I’m the kind of gal who is obsessed with the beautiful things in life – I spend way too much time on Instagram gazing at photos and dreaming about the witty/deep captions I’ll post next (sorry about it) but I also adore being outside watching the way light can change everything in a split second. I love details, art, fashion and connecting with people who have something epic to share with the world.


I started my career as a Publicist for boutique PR agency Bang in Sydney where I worked with international brands like FIJI Water, Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate and ecostore (to name a few).

From there I moved to sunny Queensland where I studied a Masters of Journalism and became a writer for Gold Coast Magazine, then a Publicist again and after that, the PR Director at Earth Events. There I worked on Pete Evans’ national tour and Gabby Bernstein’s international one, while developing a passion for spirituality and meeting some of the most worldly, conscious people I’ve ever come across.

Next I did some local PR on the Gold Coast and then landed a role as the freelance Content Creator with Inside Gold Coast; writing stories, taking photos and meeting even more creative geniuses.

In all, I have over 10 years writing experience and my work has been published everywhere from printed poetry books, to national literary journals and, best of all, on the pages of Australia-wide businesses’ websites. So you could say I know what’s up when it comes to making magic with words.

Over the past few years I’ve reignited my passion for photography and, don’t tell the words or the dog, but it may just be the love of my life. I’m a professional food, lifestyle and wedding photographer and I’m all about capturing images that make people feel something (hungry mostly) and sharing stories.

If you’re keen to work with me, head over to the contact page and tell me your story I can’t wait to chat.